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Compiling their 'Arc' EP, 'Decadence' and 'Only This' singles, and 'Live at Effenaar' performance, 'Sculptures in Motion' represents the body of work by up-and-coming Dutch post-punk outfit, Docile Bodies. Making their U.S. debut on the burgeoning à La Carte Records, this cassette serves as a demonstration of the talent, depth, and creativity of vocalist Sjoerd Aarden, guitarist Merl van der Markt, bassist Tadzio van Bel, and drummer Hans Diks. The band brings a unique approach to the genre, creating canorous and complex melodies while simultaneously drawing attention to the vastness and emptiness of the space they sonically occupy. Aptly named, 'Sculptures in Motion' could very well serve as a metaphor for their sound — monolithic, yet perpetually building momentum.

Drawing comparisons to artists like The Chameleons, The Cure, and Killing Joke, Docile Bodies is not a band that plays their influential cards close to the vest. However, in today's saturated landscape of 'Faith'-era replicas, the four-piece uses their influences as a jumping-off point rather than a crutch, forging a sonic path that sounds familiar yet novel all at the same time. 'Sculptures in Motion' ushers in a promising future for the young Tilburg group.

'Magnolia,' 'Linking the Narratives,' 'Elisabeth,' and 'Rose Garden' were mixed by Bob de Wit at Supernova Studios. 'Decadence,' 'Only This,' and the Effenaar live set were mixed by Wessel van den Broek at To Adelaide Studios. Side A was mastered by Pieter Kloos at The Void Studios.

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