For Release on February 13th:


NYC band, Public Circuit, returns once more, darkly trudging forward with "Reach For The Knife", the band's 2nd single off their upcoming debut record, "Lamb". 

Embodying a siren's call—the band wields a metaphorical talisman of evocative punk-antics and saturated EBM rhythms; seductively, promising an end to the relentless tempest within.

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Much like a close shave, the Brooklyn synth outfit culminates a palpable intensity in their performances that can only be likened to that of a human spirit's indomitable will to live. Recounting tales of honor, repudiation, mercy, and submission, Public Circuit tightly grasps the sound that came before them, giving it new form in their debut album, "Lamb".

Recorded from 2022 - 2023, during an uncertain time encapsulated by death and revelation for the members, the band traverses 8 eccentric tracks. Scouring for ways to create a fascinating take on post-punk, Public Circuit shoots from the hip—be it painting vivid landscapes of mythological lore or pushing the boundaries of rhythm with harsh "anti-guitar" sentiments. Disregarding genre constraints, Public Circuit stands out on "Lamb", achieving a vivid world full of gothic mythos through a sporadic array of irrefutably danceable rhythms, piercing synth leads, and evocative vocal delivery.

Sharp like a blade, the album opens with the new wave opus, "Caustic Cross"; cleverly intertwining harrowing synths and haunting pseudo-religious symbolism. Public Circuit seeks to question the consequences of blind adherence, and pleads the listener join in on their holy quest for the beyond. With "Lamb", Public Circuit poignantly achieves a signature sound, wielding a talisman of evocative punk-tinged EBM, goth antics, and saturated dream-like pop.

Public Circuit's debut album, "Lamb" releases March 8th, 2024 on à La Carte Records.

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