Dutch post-punk quartet Docile Bodies announce release of debut album, new single

For release on June 6th, 2024
6 JUNE (TILBURG, NL) — Tilburg-Amsterdam post-punk outfit Docile Bodies announces the release of their debut album. Light Will Come Our Way will be available worldwide on October 11th . The announcement comes with the release of single Yellow Flowers Bloom.
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Further honing their craft, Docile Bodies builds upon the aural foundation constructed by post-punk powerhouses Joy Division and Killing Joke. Since the group’s inception, they have drawn comparisons to contemporary acts Iceage, Protomartyr, and Death Bells while simultaneously carving their own niche of bleak sonic landscapes and post-modernist prose.

The album will be released via à La Carte Records. It is their second release of new material on this US label, following their 2022 double single Voyeurism / Monolith.

Light Will Come Our Way is a collection of meditations on art, nature and family. In their previous works, such as their debut single Only This (2020) and their first EP Arc (2022), the (botanic) landscape mainly served as a metaphor for hopelessness and desolation. On this new album a shift occurs and moves towards a more confident notion of nature, although it does not entirely embrace it.

The album is also about ancestry and descendants. About restored bonds, future offsprings and deaths in the family.
Important Dates:
June 6th, 2024: Yellow Flowers Bloom single release
August 1st, 2024: Still single release
October 11th, 2024: Album release
All songs written and performed by Docile Bodies
Additional vocals on No History and Still by Loïs de Vries
Saxophone on Raw Material by Levi Pols
Mixed and produced by Wessel van den Broek
Mastered by Will Killingsworth
Photograph on front cover by Jón Helgi Palmáson
Photograph of band by Loïs de Vries
Graphic design by Travis Benson / Cowards Way

Docile Bodies is Sjoerd Aarden, Tadzio van Bel, Hans Diks and Merl van der Markt