Flesh of Morning is a minimal synth duo by Faiza Kracheni (Hatred Surge, Body Pressure) from Austin, TX and Travis Benson (True Faith)
from Boston, MA. In July, they released a 2-song debut cassette tape
followed by the Fantasy//In The Dark 7” on Annals Imprint. A full-length
LP, titled "Here In Heaven," will be released on Blind Rage Records in
Summer 2021.

Named after the 1953 Stan Brakhage film, the duo is influenced by
cinema, art, and moving images to create cold atmospheric minimal beats
and pulsing synths coupled with ethereal vocals. Faiza’s lyrics explore
calls for social justice, human isolation, and destruction.

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releases from flesh of morning

  • Flesh of Morning "Everytime" Flexi 7"
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