Holy Wire teams up with à La Carte Records to release I Still Feel Alone All The Time on January 31, a rumination on winter loneliness.
For Release on January 31st, 2024:
 "The Ending of an Age" out on LP and CD on June 5th, 2024 on à La Carte Records
31 JANUARY 2024 (AUSTIN, TX) – Austin new-wave torch-bearers Holy Wire have carved out a niche taking early post-punk and cold-wave sounds and refashioning them into hi-fi synth-pop. Their new single, I Still Feel Alone All The Time, doubles down on this approach, refining a style that’s somewhere between Grauzone and Hall And Oates. The music hangs on a precipice where robotic drums, rigid basslines, and synthetic blips out of a soviet laboratory give way to a gauzy, dreamlike chorus. Icy synths ebb and flow, instilling a sense of perpetual winter.

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Sung from the perspective of talking to a lover, I Still Feel Alone All The Time touches on a greater sense of loneliness; of living in a crowded city, seemingly brimming with opportunities for connection, but just as alienating. “Between all the restless bodies / we’ll find a dark place to meet / I’ll leave in the middle of the night / with no promises left to keep,” the vocals croon over a mechanical beat.
Holy Wire is the project of Alain Paradis, who drew inspiration from his time living in Park Slope, Brooklyn. After ending a turbulent relationship and moving away from his social enclave in Bushwick, he spent nights drinking at the local bars and darting around the city meeting women through dating apps. “I always lacked a sense of belonging,” says Paradis, “it just felt like this cosmic wash of winter darkness.”

After floating around Brooklyn and playing in a few bands (Fixtures, Miserable Chillers, Your Dream Coat), his prolonged search for community eventually led Paradis to the music scene in Austin, Texas, where he moved in 2021. Paradis cannibalized a years-forgotten solo project, reminted as Holy Wire, and enlisted a rotating cast of musicians for the live show, with members of DAIISTAR, Pelvis Wrestley, and TC Superstar making cameos. Since its inception, Holy Wire has opened for The KVB, Urban Heat, and Xeno and Oaklander.

Despite relocating to the lone star state, Holy Wire sought the help of key New York players Abe Seiferth (Nation Of Language, Yeasayer) to produce and mix the album, and Heba Kadry for mastering. I Still Feel Alone All The Time marks the first release with A La Carte Records (home to fellow post–punk synth-pop acts Don’t Get Lemon, Madeleine Goldstein, and Flesh Of Morning), and is the first single off the upcoming album The Ending Of An Age, out on June 5th, 2024.

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