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"Rain Forever" recently featured on Warp Records "Warp Selections" playlist on Spotify - HERE

05 SEPTEMBER 2023 (KANSAS CITY, MO) – Nearly three months after announcing their signing to the à La Carte Records roster, shoegaze/electronica trio forever ☆ (pronounced "forever star") have released their 3-song debut EP 3 Series on streaming and cassette. 3 Series combines forever ☆'s previous self-released singles "Rain Forever" and "Your Angel Speaks" with an exclusive new track, titled "Shine Your Eyes".

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Merging the unlikely gap between dreamy shoegaze and turbulent drum and bass, forever ☆'s transcendent mixture of alternative rock and dense electronica is unlike anything that has come before it. Yet in spite of their vastly eclectic inspirations, the combination somehow feels familiar in the hazy, collective unconscious of 90's alternative nostalgia.

On one hand, soothing, hushed vocals reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine and Bowery Electric firmly anchor the group's indie sensibilities in the realm of shoegaze and dream pop; all the while, syncopated percussive loops incite riotous energy into an elated form of jungle/breakbeat hardcore evocative of early 90s UK rave.

As airy lead vocals levitate in the dense sandstorm of monstrous guitar work and vicious breakbeat percussion, we're found witness to an improbable marriage of microcosms that forever ☆ has managed to blend with a sophistication that feels effortless and uncomplicated.

The first track of the EP is "Rain Forever", which opens with a glassy, manipulated guitar looped against whirring, mournful leads. The next track, "Your Angel Speaks" is a chaotic merger of loops and distorted bends: a crushing synth bass enters, and with it modulated breakbeats, mellowed only by the calming vocal delivery of singer Rachel Stang. The EP culminates with the poignant final track, "Shine Your Eyes" -- an ethereal synth repetition reminiscent of Orbital and early RAM Records' high BPM DnB pushes toward a finale of layered, high-gain guitar and melodic, phasing vocals.

The sonic onslaught that is 3 Series accomplishes both beauty and fierceness in its brevity. In just three tracks, the EP leaves a lasting imprint worthy of many repeated listens, and hopefully, as the front cover suggests, "at max volume".

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