Don't Get Lemon "Hyper Hollow Heaven" VHS

Don't Get Lemon "Hyper Hollow Heaven" VHS

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The definitive Hyper Hollow Heaven viewing experience - a 37 minute film limited to 25 VHS tapes. Full Color Cardboard Sleeve, Full Color Face & Spine Label, Clear Reseal Bags. Duplicated with Cryptic Carousel.

"If modern life is a black comedy, then Don’t Get Lemon have crafted a sound fit to reflect off it. The Texas-based electronic music trio, best described in their own genre terms as “heatwave,” a more appropriate companion tag to the more familiar coldwave, are set to release debut album Hyper Hollow Heaven on March 29, 2022, via independent label à La Carte Records. 

The LP is led by a string of singles: Boxing Day’s kaleidoscopic “Industrial (Amusement) Park (Revolution)”; February’s glossy synth ballad D.I.E.I.N.T.H.E.U.S.A.”; and mid-March’s kinetic table-setter and LP closer “Purple Hour Kingdom,” featuring guest vocals from Renay of Monochrome Lover.

Each single, alongside the five other tracks on the LP, further common lyrical themes that echo the fear, panic, and anxiety we’re forced to live with on a daily basis as our future grows inherently darker. To borrow a line from Adam Curtis’ 2016 BBC docu-film HyperNormalisation, regarding Patti Smith and how she experienced New York City in the ‘70s, the eight-song Hyper Hollow Heaven is “best experienced with a slight cool detachment.”

Pressing info

  • 50 on Silver and Blue Glitter

lyrics & music by dgl
produced by r.n. & dgl
recorded & mixed by r.n. at cloudland recording studio
mastered by emerging void audio
guest vocals on purple hour kingdom by renay of monochrome lover
design & art direction by nicholas ross
paintings by son of sisto
photography by anthony flores
additional design by jimmy bent