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“A sound that bridges the icy froideur of European dark electronica and the dreamier tones of its American West Coast contemporaries” – Analogue Trash

"A brooding slice of gothwave in a manner akin to LEATHERS, tinged with ghostly allure thanks to a haunting soprano delivery" – The Electricity Club

“Goldstein’s lush melodies strike the perfect balance between dream-like passion and driving electronic pleasure” –
09 MARCH 2023 (LOS ANGELES, CA) – Madeline Goldstein has today released “Other World”, the enchanting title track from her forthcoming EP which releases May 11th via à La Carte Records.

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"Other World", a tranquilizing follow-up to Goldstein's "Seed of Doubt" released last December, is a continued exploration of the artist's marriage of synth-drenched dark wave and spacious new wave iconography. At its entrance, "Other World" lures its listeners in with weaving, segmented drums, droning synths and a soaring soprano delivery bridging the ethereal yet danceable trademark of Goldstein's style.

Since the release of her debut solo full-length Forget This in 2020, Madeline Goldstein has become a bit of a benchmark in the current scene of new wave revival. Goldstein differentiates herself with an impressive alto-soprano range and a magnetic presence akin to the 80's femme icons by which she is influenced. A veteran performer and vocalist (formerly of Portland's Fringe Class), Madeline Goldstein formed her solo project after relocating to Los Angeles in 2019. Last January, Goldstein joined the roster of up-and-coming post-punk label à La Carte Records, adding a breath of electro sensibility to the cavernous post-punk that has become a trademark of the label's catalogue.

As described by Goldstein, "'Other World' is a fever dream of a song lifted from the darkness of my loneliness. It’s about looking at the edge of your own desires but not being able to say what you really want. It’s about not advocating for yourself and the spiral of self-doubt in love and creativity." Of its creation, she continues: "I wanted to create a soundscape that was reminiscent of theatrical ballads from musicals and the most dramatic of 80s love songs. I dreamed of a saxophone to cry for me, as I said, 'I never ask for more' - but the music can do the asking for me. To me, it is currently the song I’m most in touch with, and feel is the closest to me personally."

The main vocal line, delivered with Goldstein's signature elegance, gains intensity towards its climactic third act -- the track culminates as backing vocal harmonies careen, levitating above the composition and making way for the song's finale. A distant saxophone brings a soothing warmth to the track's end.

With the help of producer and synthesist Matia Simovich (whose credits include SRSQ, Riki, and Body of Light), Goldstein has been working diligently behind the scenes to deliver a masterful collection of songs that has now been unveiled as Other World.

Photos by Sevin Mundo of Enshrine Productions

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