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Kai Tak is an LA-based music collective led by producer Chris King, known for his role in Cold Showers, as well as production work for artists such as Tamaryn, House of Harm, and Fearing.

Named in homage to the now-retired Hong Kong airport known for its harrowing approach through the city’s skyscrapers, Kai Tak sculpts moody soundscapes that pull sonic inspiration from shoegaze, trip hop, and electronica. Initially conceived as a love letter to both the stylized fictional version of King’s birth city portrayed in John Woo and Wong Kar-wei films, as well as its real life vibrancy, the project features a number of different collaborators, who each bring their own unique perspective to the songs, and the resulting mix would serve as the perfect soundtrack for wandering the restless city’s gritty alleyways.

Visual art by Paige Emery captures the time-warping, paradoxical reminiscence at the heart of Kai Tak, using a hopeful impressionist style to create a full sensory immersion into the hazy, neon-lit Hong Kong.

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