Don't Get Lemon "Working Man's Ballet" Flexi 7"

Don't Get Lemon "Working Man's Ballet" Flexi 7"

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Don’t Get Lemon’s pounding drums and screeching guitar on their anthemic new single, “Working Man’s Ballet,” could equally be heard ringing out over a football pitch’s speakers or in a sweaty nightclub. Their brand of noisey dance shines over sugary melodies that leave the listener with a sense of sehnsuct, a wistful longing they never knew they carried.

Pressing info

  • 300 copies on white

Lyrics & music by Don’t Get Lemon

Produced by R.N. and Don’t Get Lemon

Recorded & mixed by R.N. at Cloudland Studios

Mastered by Emerging Void Audio

Cover photo by Nadia al-Khalifah
Design & layout by Nicholas Ross